Investment Philosophy

We provide customized tailored capital structures to meet the needs of our companies and our returns objectives.


General Investment Characteristics

  • Investment Size: $2 – $15 million for equity investments (up to $30 million with co-invest) and $1 – $5 million for credit investments
  • Role: Control (up to active management) and non-control (but as lead investor)
  • Structures: Preferred or common equity; senior or subordinated debt

General Company Characteristics

  • Revenue Size: $2 – $10 million
  • Revenue Growth: > 10% historical and future (organic or in-organic)
  • Revenue Model: Recurring revenue > 80% of total revenue (subscription, transactional, contractual, etc.)
  • Profitability: Profitable

Industry and Company Focus

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Compliance Technology & Services

•  Financial Compliance
•  Healthcare Compliance
•  Educational Compliance

Financial Technology & Services

•  Payments/transaction processing
  Asset management
  Speciality finance


•  Vertically Focused Software
•  Horizontally Focused Software
•  Infrastructure Software

Healthcare Technology and Services

  Healthcare Services
  Healthcare IT
•  Outpatient/outsourcing


Business and Consumer Services

•  Business  (“B2B”) services
•  Consumer (“B2C”) services
•  eCommerce

Investment Capabilities

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We have the flexibility to structure investments in almost any growth company regardless of transaction specifications

Growth Capital

• Expanding sales resources
• Enhancing sales channels
• Propelling customer acquisition costs


• Changing-of-Control buyouts
• Buyout of non-core assets or corporate carve-outs
• Facilitating management buyout

Acquisition Capital

• Enabling roll-ups in fragmented sectors with attractive tuck-in opportunities
•Backing transformational strategic acquisitions


• Removing situations where there is a shareholder value or growth overhang due to the need for an exit or liquidity
• Realigning the capital structure by exiting early investors and founders to create alignment with go-forward stakeholders
• Creating full or partial liquidity for financial, strategic, or management shareholders