About Us

Our mission is to partner with companies in sectors experiencing secular growth and provide agile capital solutions and strategic guidance that enable long-term value creation.



Growth Acceleration

We invest in growing business in sectors that also have strong long-term growth trajectories.  We strive to accelerate value creation by making investments that enhance organic growth, enable transformational acquisitions, and properly align the ownership structure.


Agile Capital Solutions

We can invest as a minority or majority partner and have the ability to invest in equity or debt securities.  Consequently, when we invest with our partners, our objective is first to understand the needs of the business and then to mold the proper capital solution to the situation.


Vertically Focused Industry Expertise

We maintain a narrow focus and only seek to invest in industries where we have domain expertise.   We focus on very narrow industry verticals, and we only reach out to companies after we have ascertained that they are the best-in-class companies within their vertical. We use our focus to our advantage, and we constantly call on our network to gain expertise, best practices, and real time data within in those sectors.


Proactive Transparent Collaboration

We treat every investment as partnership and seek to provide open and straight-forward communication and honest collaboration to capture value for all stakeholders. Our most valuable asset is our reputation. Accordingly, our philosophy is to consistently deliver all that we promise or more, never less. We are committed to a thoughtful and reliable partners through providing access to our industry and financial insight, to our network, and to external resources we can bring to bear.


We are investing on behalf of family offices, high net-worth individuals and institutional investors.  We are investing out of Angle Point Capital, LLC, a fund of committed capital, and are investing pledged capital on behalf of Angle Point’s investors.